Sex Is Not The Problem (Lust Is)

This Wednesday night we’re starting a four week teaching series called “Behind Closed Doors.”  My hope is to present God’s plan for sex and purity to our students, who are bombarded with sexual distortion daily.  To prepare for the series I picked up a book, Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is), by Joshua Harris (formerly released under the name, Not Even A Hint).  This book is fantastic, and applicable to people of all “life-stages,” single, teen, married, single again, man, woman, boy, or girl.  Here’s the main idea, sex (and your sexual desire) is God’s invention and He has a perfect plan for it.  Our sex drive is not what is wrong with us, its not over-active or out of control, but God made us with a sex drive.  Harris says, “Just as He gave us an appetite for food so that we wouldn’t forget to feed our bodies, He gave us a sexual appetite so that men and women would keep being joined together and creating offspring in marriage” (34).  Instead, the problem is lust, our desire for “what [we] don’t have and weren’t meant to have” (20).  Lust twists God’s purpose and doubts God’s provision.  It entices us with the allure of great satisfaction and then leaves us feeling empty and in need of more.  Ultimately, lust can never bring us satisfaction because “as soon as the object of lust is attained, lust wants something more” (41).  As Jim Gaffigan says, “The only problem with bacon is that it makes me thirsty… for more bacon.”  Lust creates an unquenchable thirst, not for more of the object of your lust, but for more of lust itself.

Alright, there is just a hint (ha!) of the book and the series… I don’t want to spoil either for you.  I encourage all of you (parents too) to pick up a copy and read through it.  You can purchase it here…

Special Note to Parents: I understand that some of you might be uncomfortable with your student attending this series.  If so, I would invite you to leave your kid at home the first night and come.  I think hearing what we’re doing first hand will help you make the best decision.

in Him, brandon


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