Student Life Camp 2010

Hey parents,

I just wanted to give y’all an idea about what would be going on at Student Life Camp this summer (June 27-July 2).  As you probably know we’re combining Choir Tour with camp this summer.  Buddy and I decided to try this for a number of reasons: it helps us be better stewards of the church’s money, it helps us be better stewards of your money, we thought working together would be better for both ministries, and it helps with the hectic summer time schedule.  One of the biggest reasons, though, is we felt compelled to make sure we were doing our best to invest spiritually in students this summer.  In light of that aspect I want to share with you a video of David Platt, our camp pastor.  I think you will be impressed with David’s knowledge of the Scripture and passion to communicate God’s truth.  This video is a small section of a message David delivered at the Southern Baptist Convention.  If you don’t want your student to go with us to camp this summer, then you probably don’t want to watch this video.  If you want to see the entire message you can find all the parts on youtube.  Check out the video here.



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