Your Bible in Twentyten

I’m sure that some of you, like me, resolved to read your Bible more in twentyten.  Maybe a few of you were extremely ambitious and vowed to get up every morning at some insane hour and read the Bible for four hours and twenty seven minutes before you begin your day.  Or maybe some of you have been trying to figure out how you can read the Bible for five minutes at some point during your hectic day.  Most of us have probably made this type of New Year’s Resolution before, and by January 22nd, reading the Bible daily was a thing of the past along with our new workout routine, better communication with our spouse, and losing 15 pounds (I mean seriously it is way easier to sit on the couch with a microwave burrito and a coke and watch some people lose unbelievable amounts of weight on NBC every Tuesday @ 8).  So I thought I’d share with you this great website that might help.

You can subscribe to numerous Bible reading plans and get them downloaded to your iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar.  You can RSS them and get your daily reading as a podcast in iTunes, and downloaded them to your iPod.  You can get the text email to you, or several other options.  The point is that we use (or attempt to use) technology to help us organize almost every area of our lives, so why don’t we use it to motivate us to stay in the Scriptures.  I just set it up so that my reading plan is schedule on my iCal… its great.  Check out the site.  I think it will help you keep at least one of your New Year’s Resolutions for twentyten, although it probably won’t help drag you into the gym.


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