To Save A Life

A few weeks ago I was able to pre-screen a new movie that will be in theaters this Friday, January 22.  The movie, To Save A Life, is about two childhood friends, Jake and Roger, who take radically different paths in high school.   Jake is living the life that every teen dreams of.  He is the captain of the basketball team, extremely popular, and dating the hottest girl in school.  Roger on the other hand is a loner, rejected by his classmates, and falling deeper into depression.  A tragic event causes Jake and Roger’s paths to cross again, for the first time in several years, and the aftermath drives Jake to question what he believes about God and life.  After striking up a friendship with a local youth pastor, Jake changes from being the guy in school everyone wants to be to the guy who loves the people that no one wants to be around.  In the film Jake finds out how much it will cost him to live putting others first.

Parents, this movie is rated PG-13 for mature elements, including teenage drinking, suicide, self-mutilation, and pre-marital sex.  However, I think it depicts these elements in a realistic and correct light.  The film exposes the reality of the teenage party scene as empty and self seeking.  It doesn’t glorify pre-marital sex, but shows how it complicates relationships.  Most importantly, it is a story about redemption; about good coming from tragedy and about the joy of self sacrifice.  If you have any hesitations about your student seeing this film, I would encourage you to watch it first and then decide if the movie would be appropriate for your child.

This film is going to be important.  Whether you agree with every scene, every line, or every idea, this is a film that you don’t need to miss.  It addresses many topics relevant to today’s teenager that will serve as great conversation starters for anyone who works with, lives with, or goes to school with teens.  This film is not going to share the Roman’s Road with the viewer, but it might be just the thing to give you the chance to.  Its not going to cure someone of depression, but it might help them take the first steps to recover.  It probably won’t fix relationships, but it may help people have a meaningful communication.  It is a tool to start conversations, and I encourage you to use it.  See you at the theater Friday night.

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