Dirty Jobs in a Dirty Place

I went to the bathroom standing right next to Mike Rowe today.  That’s right, the Dirty Jobs man himself.  It was incredible!!!

Kristen and I were standing in the A terminal of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport waiting for the rest of our group, when a very familiar face strolled past me and into the men’s room.  I said, “Kristen, I think that was Mike Rowe.”  She said, “It was Mike Rowe.” I said, “I’m going in.  Hold my bag.” And I took off it into the bathroom. That’s right, I stalked Mike Rowe into the men’s room.

And there he was using the urinal.  There was a free one right next to him, so I went for it and wedged myself between Mike and some random old dude. Standing there shoulder to shoulder with Mike I broke the cardinal dude bathroom rule, “Face forward and don’t speak.”  I had to take advantage of the chance to talk to him when he couldn’t leave.  The conversation went like this…

Me: I love your show, man.

Mike: Thanks.

Me: I’m sure you get that all the time, but maybe not at a urinal.

Mike: Yeah.

(extremely long pause)

Me: I didn’t really think through how awkward it was going to be for me to say I liked your show at a urinal.

Mike: Yep, pretty awkward.

Me: Yep.

(another extremely long pause)

Mike: So where you heading?

Me: San Diego.  How about you?

Mike: San Fransisco.

Me: Is that home?

Mike: That’s where the mail comes.

Me: (zip) It was nice to meet you.  Welp, see you later.

Mike: Yep.

Me: (in my mind) I drive a Toyota, but I’m thinking about buying a Ford.  And I’m going deep sea fishing next week with some buddies… would you do the voice-over narration for our trip?

Needless to say, our conversation was much more exciting for me than it was for him.  He was very gracious, though, and took a picture with some of our group even though I did everything possible to completely embarrass myself.  Pictures are coming soon.  Get ready to get dirty.


7 thoughts on “Dirty Jobs in a Dirty Place

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  2. I am so jealous. I love Mike Rowe. Dont tell Bryan. heehee. Seriously that is AWESOME!! And I hope the rest of your trip is as pleasant as your conversation was with him…without the bathroom part of course…

  3. Man, DWF must be THE place…… we went thru security….just me, Jeremy (I think) and JESSICA AND NICOLE SIMPSON…and their dog! Their dad was with them. No kidding. And hey, we all had to take off our boots… they got no special treatment and were really nice. Of course, i was WAY too afraid to speak other than the hello nod.

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