Mexico Day One

Right now, I’m with 37 of the most amazing people traveling to Ensenada, MX.  I love all of these folks because they gave up their spring break to head to Mexico to build homes for people they’ve never met, all for God’s fame.  30 are high school students and then 7 are our fearless adults leaders.  Here is a quick update on day one of our Mexico Mission Trip.

1. Got a late start, completely my fault.  Let’s just say I made a slight delegation error.

2. Check-in at the airport was ridiculous.  Last year was extremely smooth, taking only about 20-30 minutes.  This time it took forever.  We all made it, though.

3. We had a layover in Dallas.  A few of us got to meet Mike Rowe from the TV show Dirty Jobs. More on that here. Then some of us ate at Dicky’s BBQ.  They give you a bright, yellow souvenir cup… at the airport… for a BBQ place… I don’t understand.  I guess so you can prove to everyone back home that you actually did eat BBQ in an airport.

4. Arrived in San Diego with no problems, and then….

5. Dave, Billy, Kristen, and I went to pick up the rental vans, while the rest of the group waited at the airport for us to pick them up.  The rental car company did not wow us with their speed of service and it took about an hour and a half to get our rental vans.  This entire time the rest of the group is sitting around at the San Diego Airport.

6.  Then there was some sort of construction emergency situation on Harbor Dr, which is the road the airport is on.  They shut down Harbor Drive and there was no access to the airport from the south side.  So we spent about an hour in traffic being routed around downtown San Diego in circles.  We finally figured out how to get to the airport from the north side of town and drove all the way around San Diego and back down to the airport to pickup everyone else.  So our plane landed at 12, but most of the group didn’t leave the airport until 3:45.  It was crazy.  The students were great, though.  All of them maintained awesome attitudes and were content to spend an entire afternoon at the San Diego airport McDonald’s.

7. Checked into the hotel.  Ernesto was waiting for us at the front desk with room assignments and keys already done, labeled, and ready to be handed out.  Ernesto is now my BFF.

8. Last night we went to Mission Beach and Belmont Park, which is right on the ocean.  There were some fair-type rides with plenty of places to eat and hangout.  It feels very “SoCal” there.  We got there just in time to see the sunset, it was great.

So far so good.  Pray for us as we travel from San Diego to Ensenada today.  Tonight we’ll meet the families that we’re going to build homes for, which is exciting.  Pray also that God will draw those families to Himself over the course of this week.  And keep praying for our students… this is an incredible bunch and I’m certain that God is going to use them greatly this week.

For His Fame, Brandon.


6 thoughts on “Mexico Day One

  1. Brandon, I pray for your (the group’s) safety; I pray for your success in the construction of these two houses, and in the way you and all the adults set a Christian example for these young people to follow; and I pray God be glorified and His name and honor be magnified. ….. I also hope that you’ll meet someone just as interesting as Mike Rowe on your return trip. Try not to have to pee during the encounter.

  2. May your trip be fruitful and productive. May you be blessed through your work as you represent Christ by being his “hands and feet”. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of obstacles arriving to you destination. But oh how you all will bless those families!! Keep Phil 4:13 close to your heart:)

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