Happy Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving.  In fact, it might be my favorite holiday, not just ranking above Veteran’s Day or Boxing Day, but over Christmas, too.  Why?  Because my Granny Pat cooks on Thanksgiving and it is amazing.  Sure, seeing the family is ok, but Granny Pat’s cooking brings a supernatural happiness to my life that is difficult to put into words. Early in my marriage to Kristen we were trying to figure out where we would spend certain holidays.  I only had one demand and refused to compromise on it.  On Thanksgiving we will be at Granny Pat’s house.  No questions, no compromise.

For years and years, I just assumed that everyone had a Granny Pat.  I thought everyone in the United States put on stretchy pants, loaded their plates with turkey and veggies, then got a full size plate for numerous deserts, turned on a football game, and then passed out on the coach.  It never crossed my mind that a large number of people did not share this Thanksgiving experience.  The reality is that not only did other people not have a Granny Pat, but many didn’t have anything at all to eat on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of God’s provision.  It is a day we set aside to remember how God has richly blessed us as a nation and as a people.  What better way to celebrate God’s provision than to enjoy God’s provision, right?  I mean if you give me a sweet shirt, doesn’t it make you happy when you see me wearing it around town?  So Thanksgiving is a great way to celebrate how God has provided for us.

What if there was another, deeper way for celebrating blessing?  What if we honored the giver, not just by enjoying the gifts, but by also becoming a giver?  What if we used our blessings to bless others?  Then we would not just enjoy the gift, but we would be expressing our desire to be like the giver.  “This gift is so amazing, I want to do the same thing for other people.”  Wow!  That would mean if we gave like God gives and if we blessed others, like God blesses, we would be declaring our desire to be like God.

I like it when my son Hudson plays with the toys I’ve given him.  But I love it when he mimics me.

So, last year my family helped serve a Thanksgiving meal to people who don’t have a Granny Pat, who don’t have a home to gather in, or a meal to prepare.  This year I’d love to extend to you the opportunity to do that same thing.  To bless other people out of the wealth of blessing that we have received from God.  Pastor John Thomas leads New Song Baptist Church and a homeless shelter on Duke Ave.  Every year he hosts a Thanksgiving lunch for the homeless and underprivileged in our community at the old Houston Mall.  He needs volunteers to move chairs, set up the serving area, carve turkeys, serve people, and clean up.  And you could be one of those people.

Here are the details…

10:00 Chair Set Up Team Takes Chairs from CBC to Houston Mall

11:00 Set Up Team Begins at Houston Mall

12:00 Serving Team

2:00 Clean Up Team.  Chair Team moves chairs from Houston Mall back to CBC.

If you would like to serve in any of these areas please let me know.  brandon@centralalive.org

Thanks!  I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving mimicking the Great Giver by giving.



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