Disciple Now 2011

Jesus and his disciples hear that Jesus’ good friend, Lazarus, is sick and the prognosis does not look good. And Jesus does something unbelievable; he chooses not to go. Jesus understands that his friend is sick and knows that he could heal his friend, yet decides to do nothing for a while. Instead, he waits until Lazarus is dead to begin his work.

The crowds question him saying couldn’t he “also have kept this man from dying?” There is no doubt that death is our enemy, but in this story Jesus is about to show us a new way to defeat death. For thousands of years, religion has been trying to kept people alive. Religion gives us rules to follow to lead to a longer life. Religion tells us we can earn our way closer to God.  Religion tries to kept people from dying. Religion tries to make bad people better people.

But, Jesus raises the dead to life.

Jesus overcomes the problem of death a completely different way. If you want to know more about Jesus’ way then I’d encourage you to come to DiscipleNow 2011. DNW is all about creating an atmosphere where middle school and high school students can connect God’s truth with their lives. No gimmicks, just authentic relationships and honest communication. It’s February 10-13.  For more information or to register check it out online, www.centralalive.org/students.



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