Lifebook Project

Next week begins an amazing opportunity for our students called the Lifebook Project. The Lifebook is the Book of John along with an Old Testament summary. You can check out the Lifebook here. We have been given (as in for free) 10,000 Lifebooks, one for every high school student in Houston and Peach Counties. Next week our students, along with students from 18 other local churches, will be embarking on a mission trip in our own home town, to give the Lifebook to their friends. This week is called a Saturation. This is not mass distribution, but one to one, peer to peer. I’m excited about our students sharing the words of Jesus with their friends. Please pray for our students as they take on this unbelievable task.

This Sunday, March 6th there is a Saturation Rally at Byron Baptist Church. The hundreds of students from Houston and Peach Counties who are participating in the Lifebook Project are going to come together for a night of worship and encouragement. I think its going to be incredible for our students to realize there are tons of other students who are participating. Worship is going to be led by our house band. We will leave from CBC Sunday night @ 5:30 PM. We will return to CBC at 8:00 Pm. I hope that your student can make it.


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