Why I Love Our Graduates

We love our graduating seniors here at Central. In fact, each spring it gets harder and harder for me to watch our students graduate. I feel like some of the students aren’t quite ready and think, “If I only had a few more months with them.” Some of them have grown into incredible leaders and it is difficult to imagine our ministry without their leadership. I’ve invested much time and energy into some and as they leave, I get nervous like a broker keeping an eye on his investment portfolio. “Did I do enough? Is it going to make a difference in their lives?” No matter the scenario, I love each of them and desire God’s very best for their lives.

It is also incredibly exciting to watch them embark on this new stage of their lives. So many of our students leave here after graduation and go on to accomplish amazing things. It thrills me to think about the potential of each senior class and how our church is truly unleashing them to fulfill God’s purposes. I love when they come back home full of stories about how God is using them on the mission field, at summer camps, in the lives of their friends, and at local churches. I love to see them excited about what God is doing in their lives. Some of my proudest youth pastor moments happen when I’m talking with students who have graduated and moved on.

On Sunday, March 22nd we will honor our graduates, the class of 2011. In the 9:00 AM service the soon to be graduates will be recognized and presented with a gift from our church. Following the service we will host a brunch for the graduates and their immediate family members. This is an incredibly meaningful morning for both graduates and their families. If you are graduating, or are the parent of a graduate then we want you to join us.  Check out, http://www.centralalive.org/students, for more info or  to register.  You must register before May 11th.


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