Another World

“At the root of the Christian life lies belief in the invisible” (Tozer, Pursuit of God, p. 54).

I lose track of this truth constantly. I think because I’m constantly surrounded by and interacting with this world. And let’s face it, its not real trendy or hip to talk about other invisible worlds. But it is a reality!

Tozer says, “Every man must choose his world” (p. 55). We can get caught up in this world and base our entire lives on finding contentment here. When a man makes the choice to live in this world he may be enticed by the short-lived glitz and glamour pushing all his chips on the table, betting his life on fun and excitement. Or he may be overwhelmed with this world, unable to conquer it, and deeply depressed by the lack of meaning offered by it. There are dozens of options for living this life for this world only and many will make this choice.

But, there is another option, another world. The man who chooses to live his live for a heavenly realm remains in touch with the reality of an invisible spiritual world. Another way to say it is that there is an unseen reality is more real that this world and is in fact, what gives this world its meaning. The invisible world is where everything important is: love, joy, purpose, meaning which all flows from God. This is the world I long to choose.


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