Why Small Groups Are For Parents, Too

I love our small groups! I tell my leaders all the time that I believe small groups are the most crucial aspect of our student ministry. Don’t get me wrong I love teaching students the Bible every Wednesday night, but I’ve come to see that small groups make a much bigger impact than anything I could ever say from the stage. As a parent I think in a strange way that our small groups are also for you. What I mean is that your kid attending a weekly small group will actually benefit your relationship with your student. Here are a few reasons why I believe that.

1. We teach our small group leaders to partner with parents. Our goal is not to work against you, but to work alongside you. Our small group leaders want to be another encouraging voice in the life of your student. You want the best for your student, so do we. As a parent, if you think a little help in guiding your child would be a great thing, then our small groups are for you.
2. Small Groups teach students about relationships. This generation of students is more connected via technology than previous generations, but they also feel more isolated. A small group is a great place to help your student learn how to develop great relationships over time. I think most parents want healthy peer relationships for their kids, which is one of our goals in our small groups, too.
3. Small Group Leaders are clutch in crisis situations. When a crisis hits your kid’s life, having a caring adult who is there for them and willing to listen to them is crucial. Its a great comfort to know your student has a great encourager in their corner when life gets messy. But you know those types of relationships are built over time, so having your student actively involved in a small group prior to the crisis is the key.
4. Small Group Leaders talk about Jesus. I believe (and I hope you do, too) that the most significant relationship in your student’s life is his/her relationship with Jesus. In fact, I believe that relationship influences all of our other relationships. The best thing for your relationship with your student is for them to have a growing relationship with Jesus.  Priority number one for small group leaders is to point your student to Jesus.
So, these are just a few of the many reason why I think that small groups are beneficial for parents, too. I know you’re busy. I know you’re family schedule is nuts. I know your student has homework, school activities, and traveling whatever. But I think small groups are important enough for you to make time for Wednesday nights, 715-800. If you need to make a choice, skip The Link, skip my teaching, skip worship, or skip summer camp to make time for small groups. I honestly believe small groups make more impact on our students lives than anything else we do. To register your student for a small group click here.
If you are a parent who loves your kid’s small group leader, please post a comment below and tell us why.

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