Good Resource for Parents

This week we’re beginning a new series at The Link on Wednesday nights called “Myths, Fables, and Sex.” The goals are to help students understand a biblical worldview about sex, establish healthy boundaries in their relationships, and to breakdown current myths about sex. I know as a parent, this topic can be overwhelming to discuss with your student. Our students are surrounded with sex constantly and it can be difficult for us to discern what is really going on with your student.

I’d like to recommend a great resource to you, An Expose on Teen Sex and Dating by Andy Braner. In this short book, Andy explains what is going on behind the scenes in the teen dating world. Why would this be a good read for parents?

First, at the risk of being overly simplistic, we read about things that are important to us. I read about bikes, guitars, music, Atlanta Braves, Georgia football, and God (not necessarily in that order). I know that, as a parent, your student is important to you. And your student making great decisions about sex and dating is improtant to you, too. So I think that this book would be worth reading.

Second, while I don’t agree with everything Andy says in this book I think it will be helpful to you.  There are a few times in the book when he seems to water down biblical truth in light of how to communicate that truth with teens, which I think it one major drawback. But overall, this is a great resource, especially in describing what is going on in the teen dating scene and how to communicate with students about it.  Chapter Six, “Parental Involvement,” and Chapter 10, “Communication,” are fantastic and would be extremely beneficial to you.

So pick up a copy of the book. Read it discerningly. Hopefully, it will help you talk to your student.

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