The Trap

Dear Parents:

Today, middle school and high school students hear numerous messages regarding sex and dating, most of which are false. Our culture is fascinated with sex, from TV to the Internet to the halls of school, and often promotes a distorted view of sex.  The reality is that God created sex and He has a perfect plan for it, a plan that our students need to hear.   Much more so, God has a plan for your student’s life in particular, including their future spouse.  We want students to understand the truth about sex and dating, not be caught in the trap of false promises.

On September 25, October 2, October 16, and October 30 at The Link we’ll be discussing the topics of sex and dating in a series called “The Trap.” Our goal is to help students see that many of the promises our culture makes regarding sex and dating are actually traps that ensnare. We’ll also emphasize that Jesus can graciously rescue us from those traps and restore us.

Additionally, on Sunday mornings from October 6th-27th your student’s small group will be doing a study called “Live Different,” which encourages and equips students to walk in purity. If you would like an advance copy of any of these lessons, please let me know and I will be more than happy to provide them for you.

I want to make you aware of these upcoming series because I understand that some of you might want to talk with your child about sex in a different way or forum.  If you are uncomfortable with the direction or content of this series please feel free to contact me, 478-953-9319.  I assure you that we will present all of this material in a tasteful and God-honoring way. I hope that you will pray for our students and leaders as we discuss this difficult, but timely subject.



1 thought on “The Trap

  1. Awesome! I am happy you are taking this on Brandon! With three teenagers attending public school and being around unchurched kids daily, they need to hear this from someone other than their parents! It’s like the old saying, don’t listen to me because I am your mom, listen to him. God bless you and this series. I know you will be a blessing to the kids AND to the parents of the kids you are ministering to… already are a blessing to me and mine!

    Christina Hicks

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