Monk Chat

Monday night a group of our students went to the local wat (Buddhist temple) for Monk Chat. Monk Chat is a time when monks are available to, well, chat. People can ask the monks about anything. Our group talked with two monks, Kavu, who is a professor of Buddhism, and Vara. Needless to say, it was an interesting conversation. The monks really challenged our students, but our team used the opportunity to share the gospel. Our students said the experience confirmed their faith in God because they saw how hopeless and dark the monk’s worldview was.

Pray for our teams as they go back to Monk Chat Wednesday night and Friday night.


From Chiang Mai

Our team has been in Chiang Mai, Thailand since July 13. I have done a terrible job of blogging about our trip so far, but over the next few days I’m going to try to update more frequently. Honestly, when we first arrived I was so tired from 36 hours of travel that I neglected blogging. Then, for the past two days we’ve all been incredibly busy, often doing ministry until 8 or 9 in the evening.

We have three teams working at three different sites. My team is teaching English at a school in a nearby village. Kristen’s team is working at a refuge camp, teaching English, prayer walking, and doing evangelistic gatherings in the evenings. The third team, led by Matt, a youth pastor from Alabama, is working at a local orphanage. Two of our girls are teaching English to the orphanage workers and spending time with orphans. The guys on that team are doing hard labor; yard work, painting, and even laying some sod.

Things are going well at each site and all of our students are doing great. Continue to pray for us please.